This week my friend Tammy was in town and we decided to get together to catch up on our lives.  Tammy insisted that we go and see a show.  I agreed, as long as we were able to grab a few drinks first.

So, on our way to the theatre we decided to stop by Hair of the Dog to get a little tipsy and fulfill our hunger.  Located on the corner of Church and Wood street, this was a very cozy spot to eat.  It was very, what I like to call, hole-in-the-wall charming.  There was a main floor, as well as a second floor that all contained a darker lighting.  It was the perfect venue for Tammy and I to get comfortable and catch up over some beer.

My pick was not a very good option so I won’t focus on my meal.  But, for future reference don’t get the crab dip.

Tammy’s Choice 

Tammy got the curry chicken grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries.  I mean it speaks for its self.

So if you are in this area, definitely drop by Hair of the Dog for a great cozy venue and some tasty drinks.

I ♥ TO


About cole7

Currently taking my bachelor in public relations at Humber College. Spent a few years in the musical theatre industry where I traveled the world, after graduating from St. Lawrence College. Love the city of TO and spend my spare time blogging about experiences and cool things offered in this amazing metropolis.Check me out at

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