Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the Bloor Cinema to watch a screening of ‘Wish Me Away.’  This Hot Docs theatre is located at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor and provides an intimate venue for its audience.

I was not expecting to cry but this beautiful documentary about Chely Wright, the first country star to come out as gay, was incredibly moving.  The film touched upon the challenges that Chely faced with coming out as a gay individual in the very conservative music environment of Nashville.

The film documents the three-year process on how Chely planned to come out as a gay country star to the public.  The challenges she faced in accepting her own sexuality as well as facing retort from her fans was by far the most moving movie experience I have seen in a while.  The best part of the film was the fact that Chely stopped fearing the rejection from the country music industry and started striving for the rights of the young LGBT community.

This is a must-see film if you are in the mood to cry, to feel inspired, and see the endurance of love for an individual by their family despite their sexual preference.  One thing I can say in confidence is I am proud of Chely and her bravery. Chely is a hero for those individuals who are afraid of being themselves and has made a difference to many troubled LGBT youth.

I ♥ TO


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Currently taking my bachelor in public relations at Humber College. Spent a few years in the musical theatre industry where I traveled the world, after graduating from St. Lawrence College. Love the city of TO and spend my spare time blogging about experiences and cool things offered in this amazing metropolis.Check me out at

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