The other day when I was walking down the street I discovered a colourful bike abandoned on a bike rack.  It was clear that this bike was more decorative than functional and it sparked some interest.  I later started finding more bikes around Toronto and thought I better find out more about this bike art.

This project was founded by Caroline Macfarlane and Vanessa Nicholas which led to the placement of  150 art inspired bikes around the city.  “The Good Bike Project” may have started outside the OCAD University Student Gallery, but now is being spotted in many different neighbourhoods in the city.

The Green Hornet 

This very ‘green’ bike really caught my eye with its rims lined with ivy!

Madam Butterfly 

The next bike I found was a very theatrical representation that you could probably find in some sort of glitzy Mirvish production.

Gold Digger 

This bedazzled bike not only had diamond lined wheels but also had pink fluffy pedals!

I really suggest you keep your eye open next time you are walking around the city, you may find an abandoned decorative bike!

I ♥ TO


About cole7

Currently taking my bachelor in public relations at Humber College. Spent a few years in the musical theatre industry where I traveled the world, after graduating from St. Lawrence College. Love the city of TO and spend my spare time blogging about experiences and cool things offered in this amazing metropolis.Check me out at

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  1. Tammy says:

    I’ve seen a bike in Toronto with knitting on it. Now I know why!

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